Once you install Vertical Toolbar, a vertical toolbar shows up on the left side of the window.

Vertical Toolbar Options

Right-click on the toolbar and select [Vertical Toolbar Options…] to configure it. For more detail about Options, see Options.

Many Additional Buttons

Vertical Toolbar adds many additional toolbar buttons listed below.

Add-onsOpens Add-ons Manager.
Error ConsoleOpens Error Console.
Web ConsoleOpens Web Console.
Page InfoViews page info.
InspectorActivates Web Developer - Inspector tool.
Page SourceViews page source.
Save PageSaves page.
Send LinkSends link with e-mail.
Print PreviewOpens print preview.
Work OfflineEnables/disables offline mode.
Private BrowsingEnables/disables private browsing.
Always ShowToggles the toolbar display mode, 'Always show' or 'Automatically hide'. It requires to set 'Normal' option to 'Automatically hide'.
For more details, see Options.