History Sidebar

Root Button

From History button in the History Sidebar, you can quickly access to the root of History.

View Button

View button is absolutely same as the View button which were normally placed on the left side of the search box. We can change the grouping and sorting modes of history.


Flat Bookmarks shows a list of parent folders with drop-down menus showing sub-folders, like the breadcrumb navigation of Windows 7/Vista Explorer's address bar.

If you want to expand a sub-folders menu when you hover the mouse over it, go to Flat Bookmarks Options and enable Expand sub-folders menu in the parent folders list option.

Go Up

You can go up to the parent folder with the following operations.

  • click the up-pointing arrow button
  • Alt +
  • double-click on a blank space in History Sidebar


You can go back to the previous folder with the following operations. Note that you need to go to Flat Bookmarks Option and enable Show Back Button option to display the back button.

  • click the left-pointing arrow button
  • Alt +