To open [Options] window, go to [Tools] > [Add-ons], select [FireGestures] and press [Options] button. Alternatively, just do mouse gesture Left-Down-Right-Up-Left.



Mouse Gestures
You can enable / disable normal Mouse Gestures and change the trigger button to start Mouse Gestures and Wheel Gestures.

Trail Drawing
You can enable / disable trail drawing of mouse pointer. Note that using trail drawing may slow down the gestures, especially on a large web page.

Status Display
By default, a small floating panel will appear at the lower left of the browser during mouse gesture operation. You can enable / disable the status display and configure the duration of time before it will disappear.

For example, you can automatically cancel mouse gesture after 3 seconds without move.

Select [Mappings] > [View Source] to customize the mapping inside View Source window.

You can backup / restore all your mappings.



Edit Mapping

In [Mapping] pane, you can assign mouse gesture to each command. To assign gesture, click [Edit...] button or double-click a command.
You can also install Script and make your own Script. For more details, please see GET SCRIPTS and MAKE SCRIPTS section.



In [Advanced] pane, you can enable / disable and customize Wheel Gestures, Rocker Gestures, Keypress Gestures and Tab Wheel Gestures.



In [Swipe] pane, you can customize Swipe Gestures (This may be applied only on Mac).

Options for View Source

To configure options for View Source window, select [Mappings] > [View Source] in [Options] window. Alternatively, just do mouse gesture Left-Down-Right-Up-Left on View Source window.

Q & A

How Can I Disable Gestures In Specified Sites? New in FireGestures 1.11

Open about:config, search extensions.firegestures.blocked_hosts, set the value the domains with comma-delimited format, like www.yahoo.com, .google.com, *.example.com.

Where Are My Gesture Mappings Stored?

All mappings for Mouse Gestures, Wheel Gestures and Rocker Gestures are stored in a file named firegestures.sqlite in your Firefox Profile Folder.

When Are My Gesture Mappings Saved?

Windows: When clicking [OK] button in [Options] window.
Linux / Mac: When closing [Options] window.