Rethinking ScrapBook’s Browser Context Menu :: Part 1

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The 1st topic in the series, “Rethinking ScrapBook’s Browser Context Menu”.
First time, I kick around the most popular [Capture Page] and [Capture Page As…] menus.
Today we have these menus at the bottom of the browser context menu. However, the feature of [Capture Page (As…)] is similar to Firefox’s [Save Page As…] one, so they should be ‘neighborhood’ each other. At least, both should be placed in a same category between two separators.

Contorary to that, the standpatters might have such a viewpoint: additional menus of extensions are below Firefox’s standard menus in rank.

Please let me hear your thoghts or comments.


We have [Capture Page (As…)] at the bottom.


[Capture Page (As…)] and [Save Page As…] should be placed in close position.


1 Comment to “Rethinking ScrapBook’s Browser Context Menu :: Part 1”

This makes sense and will appeal to many.
Might i suggest though that this be made available as a user configurable option rather than being hard coded in?