contenteditable 属性

position: absolute; な要素に対して Firefox 3 で導入された contenteditable="true" 属性を付加すると、内容の編集以外にもその要素をドラッグ&ドロップで位置を変更したり、リサイズしたりすることが可能。

Firefox 3 でのセキュリティに関する変更 (Web ページからの chrome コンテントへのアクセスがデフォルトで制限される) 影響で、 ScrapBook の付箋アノテーション機能が壊れていた。 chrome.manifest で contentaccessible フラグを使えばこの制限を解除できるが、せっかくなのでこの機会に前から考えていた contenteditable 属性を使って付箋アノテーション機能を改善してみた。


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Duplicated link when capture a page?
I had a big database by scrapbook, so sometimes I’ve recopied a duplicated links. Can you make that feature, it’s very userful.

ScrapBook Fan:


I’m a long-time user of Scrapbook. I very much appreciate the hard work that’s gone into this quite amazing extension. Thank you.

I’m just concerned now that perhaps development on Scapbook has ended. If so, could the developers get it touch with Mozilla and get it incorporated into Firefox? Or at least work with others to ensure that it continues as Firefox evolves?

Will CopyPageInfo be updated so that it is compatible with Firefox 3? Again, I very much hope that the developers will ensure its development.

Such excellent extensions must carry on. As a researcher, I would hate to have to go back to the way I used to work.

If development has ended, could you let users know? Then, I’d start looking at other options… a depressing thought.

Thank you again.

ScrabBook Fan