Organizing Collection

You can organize collected Web pages in ScrapBook Sidebar as a tree similar to Bookmarks Tree, sorting items by drag-and-drop, creating folder and putting items into it, and so on. You can open ScrapBook Sidebar by:
* Clicking in Firefox toolbar
* Firefox menubar, [View] > [Sidebar] > [ScrapBook]
* Firefox menubar, [ScrapBook] > [Show in Sidebar]
* Keyboard shortcut, Alt + K

As with Bookmarks, we can access to saved page from the Firefox menubar. Unfortunately, drag-and-drop and right-click are not supported in ScrapBook menu.

Editing Features

Edit Toolbar

When viewing a captured page, Edit Toolbar appears at the bottom of the Web page. Edit Toolbar provides various page editing features as described hereinbelow. You can show / hide Edit Toolbar by clicking button in Firefox statusbar and select [Edit Toolbar].
Additionally you can enter the title and comment to Edit Toolbar. Do you think the comment field is too small? If so, click to expand the comment field.


Highlighter enables you to highlight important texts in a captured page. The usage is:
(1) Selecting text in the page
(2) Clicking or selecting favorite color from the drop-down menu

Customize Highlighter
In ScrapBook Sidebar, [Tools] > [Settings] > [Edit] tab, you can customize the styles of Highlighter.

Clear Highlights
You can clear highlights by clicking [Remove Selection] button and select [Clear Highlights in the Selection] or [Clear All Highlights].
And DOM Eraser enables you to clear a specified highlight.
(learn more)

DOM Eraser

DOM Eraser enables you to remove unwanted parts (HTML elements) in a saved page. The usage is:
(1) Clicking (cursor changes to cross-hair)
(2) Clicking the part which you want to remove
You can undo removing operation by clicking or hitting any key. DOM Eraser also enables you to remove individual highlights.
(learn more)

Sticky Annotation

Sticky Annotation is a feature which enables you to write some text directly into the captured page.
NOTICE: If you are using NoScript extension, you can't create a Sticky Annotation unless you allow 'file://...' URLs.
Floating Sticky Annotation
By clicking without any selection, we can create a Floating Sticky Annotation in the center of the page. If only ScrapBook Edit Toolbar is visible, we can always move and resize it by drag-and-drop.

Fixed Sticky Annotation
By clicking with selecting a part of saved page, we can create a Fixed Sticky Annotation below the selection. We can resize it by drag-and-drop only during editing.

Inline Annotation

Inline Annotation is a feature which enables you to add a tooltip to the small part of text in the captured page.
Also you can add a link and attach a local file to the selected text.

Edit Before Capture

Do you want to use these editing features before you save a Web page? Edit Before Capture feature just satisfies your needs.
Before saving the Web page, click the button in Firefox statusbar and select [Edit Before Capture]. Then Edit Toolbar appears and you can edit the page and enter the title and comment.
Click button to capture the page or selection.
See in action (Screencast Demo)


Info Toolbar

Info Toolbar

When viewing a captured page, you can show / hide Info Toolbar by clicking button in Firefox statusbar and select [Info Toolbar]. Info Toolbar helps you to access the source URL quickly and provides viewing SiteMap for a page saved by in-depth Capture.


When viewing a page saved by in-depth Capture, [Home] and [SiteMap] buttons are enabled.
(learn more about 'SiteMap' feature)

Link Indicators

Do you want to distinguish hyperlinks clearly between internal and external?
Click in Firefox statusbar and enable [Show Link Indicators] option.
The hyperlinks targeted to local page will be marked by icons.

Locate in Sidebar tree

By clicking on the extreme right of Edit Toolbar and Info Toolbar, ScrapBook Sidebar will be opend and the appropriate tree-item which you are viewing on the browser will be selected.


ScrapBook has two searching feature: Filtering Search and Full Text Search. You can change the search method by clicking and selecting a method. Also you can change the search method by entering any single character of 'F' 'T' 'C' 'U' 'I' 'A'. And also you can execute search by middle-clicking .

  F : Full Text Search
  T : Filtering Search by Title
  C : Filtering Search by Comment
  U : Filtering Search by URL
  I : Filtering Search by ID (Date)
  A : Filtering Search by all of them

Filtering Search

Filtering Search enables you to search by titles, URLs, comments and IDs of all the saved pages. This feature works like the search feature of Bookmarks.

Full Text Search

Full Text Search enables you to search text of all the captured pages. In order to speed-up of Full Text Search, ScrapBook builds cache file automatically every 5 days. Also you can update manually by clicking , [Tools] > [Update Cache for Full Text Search].

Flexible Full Text Search

When [Use RegExp] option is turned off, we can use the Flexible Full Text Search.